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10 Tips for Stellar Videos


Hopefully, you realize how crucial it is to use video online. If not, and you landed here by mistake, do read our post on the 5 reasons to use video. If you’re already a believer, we salute you! Read on.


  1. Use the K.I.S.S. principle. Keep it simple, short and sweet. Attention spans are not only shrinking, down from 12 seconds to eight, but Canadians are also finding it a challenge to stay focused. The result – keep it short to improve your chances it will be watched.
  2. Have a clear goal such as solving a problem with your product or showing the benefits (not just the features) and keep it focused. Be sure to define your goals ahead of time and, as with any marketing, have a strategy in your video to achieve this goal clearly.
  3. Plan, plan, plan. As this article on Mashable says, “Take the time to write!” Don’t just find a camera and wing it. Try to be original, concise and to the point, and plan it out so you can be sure that you include only what is absolutely necessary. This leads to the next item.
  4. Prepare a script – write it out and use a teleprompter or memorize it. Scripts are necessary unless you are a natural concise storyteller. If the budget allows, get an outsider to help unless you really know how to succinctly and accurately speak to your target market.
  5. Along with a great script, you should use a professional voice/narrator unless you have a gift for expressive, welcoming or an otherwise appropriate voice for your promotion. Having a video that has less than perfect or even just minimal visuals can be overlooked, but if you can’t clearly hear what is being said, you’ve wasted everyone’s time and perhaps lost a potential customer! As BrandDignity says, “If you can’t afford to have a professional to at least edit your footage correctly and properly place your voice-over, wait until you do.” (Bolding is ours)
  6. Good lighting is crucial if you want to look like a pro. As reelseo says, the wrong type of lighting that is throwing too many shadows can make you “look kind of sinister, like the un-dead!” Try to appear with natural light shining onto you, not from above, but in front of you to avoid shadows and dark spots.
  7. BrandDignity also shares that you don’t have to “be the star of your videos, you can provide pictures and clips or screen grabs” to get your point across. This can be more interesting too, unless you are a natural on camera.
  8. Since buying is “an emotional decision,” consider recording video testimonials letting others toot your horn! Use social proof to your advantage and let them sell for you for free!
  9. Try to keep your content “evergreen” meaning it isn’t time sensitive unless you have a particularly seasonal item. In this way, you get more bang for your marketing buck according to
  10. According to a video with Ann Handley, having a call to action to “drive business is crucial and often left out of marketing videos. Engage your clients or potential clients with a call to action. This can be as simple as inviting them to leave a comment (as long as you have the manpower to monitor them) or to call or email you or just click a button in the video to do so. The Next Web suggests adding, “unobtrusive annotations” throughout the video to engage users even more. This is especially helpful if you have other video content or more information on your website or other online channel.

Basically, you can’t go wrong if you have a good time and have a point. Make your message count! The following is a good clip if you are determined to do it yourself!


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