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What a Call to Action is and Where it Goes

target with Action on it

A Call to Action CTA is simply an action that you are requesting of whomever is ready, watching or listening to your content. And it needs to be located on each page of your website where your prospect will respond best. Respected marketer, Paul Boag, offers some useful tips on using things such as colours, specific words and sizing. He also suggests each page on your website should have its own CTA. There is no point in having what Boag calls a “dead end” for the user. You always want to lead them somewhere into your marketing funnel or at least lead them to another page on your website, if not a direct call to contact you.

Each page of your website should have a reason for being there – to lead your prospect to do something. Tweet This!

Now, this really depends on who they are when they get to your website. How do people usually end up at your website? Have they come via some of your offline marketing efforts, or perhaps from a referrer website partner? Are they warm, cold or hot? As explains, if your market is going to your website already loaded up with info (such as brochures, flyers or other promotional material) and they just want to sign-up or buy (or whatever your Call to Action is inviting them to do), then have your Cal to Action at least above the fold. (This fold is the visible real estate that is on the screen – without needing to scroll – when someone lands on your web page)

If your prospects already know you a little, but may need more information before they take action, perhaps some reassurance or other way to build up trust, then have the CTA below the appropriate amount of good, solid copy that speaks directly to them. If they are coming in cold such as landing on your webpage from a generic search on Google, and know very little, or nothing about you, don’t turn them off with a command to do something until they get to know you, like you and trust you a little. Again, provide them some solid reasons to respond to your Call to Action by speaking directly to their problem or concern and offering a solution.

Finally, shares that you can repeat your CTA if you have more than one type of visitor coming to your page. Or you can put just one at the bottom of a long sales page, since a lot of people are used to scrolling and may just scroll right to it, once they are convinced, but whatever you do, don’t hide it and don’t put in too many Calls to Action on your web pages!

Since we are big fans of Powtoon at Purple Lioness Marketing, here is one of their short and simple videos explaining how you can create 4 types of Calls to Action in an animated video – for example, using Powtoon :)