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5 Reasons Niche is Crucial

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You may have heard that knowing your market “niche” is important. In fact, it is a very critical component of your marketing plan. If you don’t know specifically who you are trying to reach and how exactly you can help them, you simply end up wasting a lot of time and money. So especially if you have limited resources, pay attention, and refine your target market! Before we give you our reasons, let Bernadette Doyle explain what a Niche is and how you can find yours:

Now, here are some reasons why Purple Lioness believes marketing to a niche is so critical for you:


  1. It will be easier to get their permission for future sales or to respond to your call to action. If you speak directly to your market, knowing what is inside their heads, then they are much more likely to trust you and believe in what you have to say. When you speak their language, addressing them in ways that hit their hearts, then you are more likely to create rapport with them, allowing the space for them to give you permission for gaining more and more of their valuable information. Valuable, because the more you know about them, the better you can speak directly to them.
  2. You can simplify your website plan if you know exactly who they are and exactly what they want. If you know why they are coming to your website and what they expect to find there, it is much easier to prepare your website to suit them perfectly. If, for example, you know that they are coming with some information already and are really just seeking pricing or shipping information, then you know to make that prominent on your home page, or at least don’t make them dig and search for it – or else they will leave.
  3. You can simplify your copywriting if you create a persona. As Jay Baer says, Remember: you are not your audience.” Instead of being unsure about what to say, if you can get inside the head of your market, the specific ideal client, then you will know exactly what they want to hear. Imagine trying to write effective and convincing copy if your market is just all women or even adult women between twenty and eighty. If you don’t know their level of education, if they have children living at home, or what some of their problems are that keep them up at night, you will be hard pressed to speak to them in a language they can absolutely relate to. This exercise then becomes hit and miss, at best. Once you know what is on the mind of your particular narrow segment of the market, such as where they gather online, there will be no more wasting time on copy that doesn’t speak to your audience and hit their exact pain points. Plus, once you locate where they hang out online, you can more specifically target your messages to them.
  4. Be consistent with all aspects of your online presence – including social media. Make sure everything you do or say on your website (and online elsewhere) will work for that persona. Don’t just focus on your website presence, remember your target client (name her or keep a “photo” of her on your office wall) and speak directly to her when you do anything online related to your business. Think, “Will she respond well to this? Don’t worry, others who are not in this niche will still come to you if you offer a service that they want. Or you can add a wider variety of services, once you are solidly known in this niche.
  5. And finally, you should keep doing it because, as the experts at say, keeping on top of what is going on with your target market will help you know “what current clients like, what former clients hated, and what potential clients are looking for; you can then hone your messaging to appeal to those various groups.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!